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Who even are you?

My name is DeVaughn Keys. I love game design so much that I've made videos on game design theory for the last 3 years in a series called Games Over Coffee.I've always been frustrated how games fail to do their medium justice, usually falling into tried-and-true design clichés and tropes (particularly apparent in narrative games). I aim to develop game design theories that let video games break free from their limited use of the interactive medium.My study of your games will give me a better understanding of how various developers approach their unique designs, and I'll be able to formulate my design theories more effectively.This is why I've decided to create Games Over Coffee Consulting. My end goal is to provide feedback that'll help game developers better implement their ideas and not be held back by conformity.

Why should I give you my game?

Game developers have found the feedback videos I make quite helpful. Read their reactions

note: This service was previously branded as "Dev Brew"

"Dude you're a F***ing king. Seriously thank you for the effort you put in and the really thoughtful feedback. When I was developing this game I showed it to a lotttt of people for feedback, and nobody has given as thoughtful, concise, on-the-point feedback as you. You've really got a talent for it, seriously."


- Destin, Private video for "Project Crimson"

"It is hard to put into words how much the Dev Brew analysis of my game helped its pre-launch development. There was clearly many hours of dedicated work put into putting together a long and detailed video going over nearly every facet of the game from its functionality, sound design, menu and HUD elements, and so much more. I was able to take a large amount of notes with specific details that would make the game better. This was very helpful and a service that many others would find valuable."


- PJ Chavez, "Survive Into Night"

"I got very detailed feedback on the first experience with the game. Even though I was aware about the shortcomings of my design, still you highlighted some issues from different perspective with thoughts on possible fixes. If not for the timing I would for sure have changed something about the game to address all of that. Best thing was that you pointed out that it should be signaled to player that the goal of the game is to look for symmetry and not just trying to fill the square with all the shapes. I think that's exactly why so many players found my game very hard."


- Maksim Chugunov, Private video for "duamo"

Example videos

See more videos on the Consulting YouTube Channel

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